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The SNAKE-SKIN dramatically cuts the time you spend measuring copper tube, plastic pipe, wiring and other coiled materials from a minute or more to just seconds! And the SNAKE-SKIN saves you money and materials by reducing waste.


The SNAKE-SKIN is a long nylon sleeve that slips easily over the end of any copper tube. Brass grommets placed in the nylon every 12 inches allow you to easily measure, then mark the tube for cutting. The SNAKE-SKIN also comes with a durable storage tube that makes both measuring and sleeve retrieval fast and easy.


The SNAKE-SKIN is made of field-tested materials to ensure a long service life. Its compact size and shape make it easy to carry to any job site. And its patented design is guaranteed to save you hours of frustration, as well as yard after yard of wasted material.


Tape measures aren't made to measure coils, so the next time you need to measure copper tubing, reach for the SNAKE-SKIN.

Save time!
Save labor!
Save money!
With the SNAKE-SKIN Measuring Sleeve.

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